Who hasn’t imagined himself as a great womanizer at some point in his life? A Casanova who would be able to seduce women at will and whom very few of the “fair sex” could refuse. Who is capable of inducing incredible orgasms and legendary squirts. What can make a man an exceptional lover? Is there something that some men know about women that others don’t? It of course could be a man’s way of enticement but even so, what makes a man an expert in bed? Is it possible that this type of bedroom charmer is created by the woman who is seduced simply by knowing her body and being able to guide her lover to her erogenous zones in search of mutual pleasure? Could one of those zones be the female G spot?

Throughout recent history an erogenous zone of the vagina known as the female G spot has been studied and held liable for the administration of extreme pleasure in the feminine body. Its name derives from the German gynecologist Ernst Gräfenberg who conducted studies in the 1940s related to urethral stimulation and came to the conclusion that an erogenous zone existed in the front wall of the vagina. Nevertheless, it wasn’t Gräfenberg who gave the G spot his name but Dr, Beverly Whipple who decided against one of the other proposed names, the Whipple Tickle!

G spot location
Location of G spot and fornix (A spot) in the female reproductive system
Though the existence of the G spot has never been proven and there are arguments over it beinga separate structure and its exact location, it is believed to reside within 5-8cm (2-3in) of the wall of the vagina, between its opening and the urethra and is thought to be part of the female prostate, previously known as Skene’s glands. When stimulated, it is accredited with extreme orgasms and even female ejaculation. It seems that G spot and clitoral stimulation are similar but are not felt quite the same. Women report that the sensation of stimulation give a different feeling and research supports that the brain processes these feelings in distinct regions.

As the G spot is not a certain organ and is not found in the same location in all women, it can be difficult to locate. Though it is not in the vagina, it can be approached through the vagina by curling two fingers upwards, as if one was trying to touch the woman’s bellybutton from inside. It has a firmer texture than the rest of vaginal tissue and feels swollen and as if it had ridges. It can be difficult to find by penis penetration and is easier to discover using fingers or toys but the “reverse cowgirl”, where the woman straddles the man with bent knees while both look toward the same direction, is one of the best positions to discover it. Another good position seems to be that of inviting the male to enter from behind. It is generally easier to find with shallow penetration and probably better if the woman moves around until the spot is hit. Trying to locate a woman’s G spot without previous arousal could be quite difficult being that the female prostate, located above, fills with fluid when a woman is sexually aroused, causing the G spot to swell and become more sensitive.

This brings us to female ejaculation, commonly known as squirting, another mythical and controversial subject. To begin with, squirting and female ejaculation are argued to be two different things, so there is a lack of consensus as to the definition. While female ejaculation is considered to produce small amounts of thick, whitish fluid that emanates from the female prostate, squirting is said to be the ejaculation of clear fluid in considerably greater quantity that comes from the urinary bladder.

Squirts or female ejaculation are considered by many to contain or actually be urine. For the sake of simplicity and having mentioned the incongruity in the definition given when compared, they are regarded as the same thing in this article.

Squirts or female ejaculation are considered by many to contain or actually be urine

The truth is, very few studies have been conducted on this female phenomenon to be actually able to clarify which part of the body it stems from and the consistency of the liquid discharged, as it is possible that it does contain urine, at least in small quantities, due to the proximity of the urinary bladder.

To complicate the situation even more, feminists argue that squirting is presented as ejaculation in the same manner as that of a male orgasm, creating questioning and even sexual withdrawal of women who have difficulty ejaculating and on the other hand, shame by women who believe to have “wet the bed” during sexual intimacy, resulting in medical consultation and even surgery in an attempt to resolve the “problem”, by both types of women. The pornographic industry has also added to this legendary female ability with porn stars that are depicted squirting, some even claiming that they had actually discovered this “gift” on the set, during intercourse.

Even more, the pornographic depiction of squirting and the scientific lack of evidence as to the consistency of the liquid emanated, has lead to censorship of the portrayal of this “act” within the porn industry in some parts of the world. In Britain for example, there has been a request to cut female ejaculation scenes on the basis that there is no such thing and what is actually shown is urolagnia, which is considered obscene according to the Obscene Publication Acts. In Australia, pornographic websites that feature squirting have been banned as part of Internet censorship proposals.

All in all, there is doubt about the existence of the female G spot and ejaculation which really doesn’t leave too much room for anything else but the ultimate experiment – trying it out for yourself. Do you have a G spot? Can you squirt? A couple of fingers are enough to begin the investigation and for advanced research, a dildo or even the real McCoy, your man and his penis will provide top of the line results. So here goes nothing!

To even think of finding your G spot, you need to be aroused.
To even think of finding your G spot, you need to be aroused
First of all, to even think of finding your G spot, you need to be aroused. Touch yourself and start masturbating with the intention of turning it into a monumental session. At this point, you are probably the best judge of how to play with yourself so do it as always but when you start getting hot, try looking for that spot by allowing your fingers to focus a little bit further away from your clitoris. Something to be aware of here is another highly sensitive location called the A spot or anterior fornix erogenous zone which feels really great also but is found deeper than the G spot and gives a different sensation. The G spot is not so deep inside and is easier to reach as you may find that your fingers are a little bit shorter than what is actually needed, although most men should be able to. Anyway if you find that you need that extra inch or few centimeters, you can always use your toy. You may find that the A spot is fine for you but our mission here is to find the G spot and ultimately, squirt! So, we move on.

Focusing on the frontal wall of your vagina, an inch or so from your A spot, if you happened to find it first, curve two fingers inwards in the shape of a hook and touch that spot, stroking it in various parts until you find your G spot. Don’t worry, you’ll know when you’re there! Then begin applying pressure on that part of the wall. You may need light pressure or you may want things a little bit more alive. Experiment! If your in the advanced investigation stage and have moved on from fingers to your man, you will need to be somewhat aware of geometry and calculate your angles. You need his penis to stimulate the same spot you were touching and that probably means repositioning. So, do just that.

One of the best positions is the reverse cowgirl.
One of the best positions is the reverse cowgirl

One of the best positions as described before, is the reverse cowgirl, where you get on top of your man and take charge of things, guiding him where you most want him to be. You have to keep him shallow. Most men tend to try to enter as deep as possible and while this may be tempting, this time, you don’t want that. Communicate with him. Tell him what and how you want it. After all, a couple is a team! Your pleasure will be his.

If you prefer to feel a little bit more dominated, let him enter from behind you but again, let him know that you don’t want him to pound on you but to rub against your G spot which you will lead him to. The fact that you are guiding him to give you pleasure which in turn will be reciprocated, the mere fact that you feel pleasure, makes the effort extremely worthwhile and bonding. After all, you’re not a porn star! You simply want to do things right.

When you begin to feel the pleasure of the newfound land, you may feel the need to pee, which may be somewhat uncomfortable. This happens because your bladder is involved. As you may have deduced, squirts pretty much travel through the same paths as urine so the best thing to do before indulging yourself in exploration, is to pee.

You now know where it is and you are actually mastering your moans. The next step is the most elusive part. The squirt. Well, as mythical as it may be, you are now doing all that need be done to achieve this extraordinary sensation. You are having sex in a controlled way where your partner is guided to give you pleasure. There is really very little that cannot be achieved with teamwork. After having found your incredible G spot, you are on your way to having legendary squirts! You have experimented and having found new ways, have decided that there’s no way back. From here on, it’s pleasure 100%! Have you found your G spot? Have you ever experienced female ejaculation? If so, do you think it’s urine or another type of fluid. Please let us know your thoughts and experiences by commenting below. We’d love to hear from you!